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Differences with Apache Pulsar

First and foremost it should be noted that Turtlequeue shares a lot with Apache Pulsar, as it it compatible at the protocol level. This means that the following are supported:

  • Consumers
  • Producers
  • Readers
  • Admin operations (with some restrictions, see below)

Apache Pulsar is an open-source software that needs to be setup. TurtleQueue is about providing the same messaging features as a service. So the first difference is that with TurtleQueue there is no need to start a cluster, this is managed for you. Consequently some admin operations (ex. Zookeeper/Bookkeeper operations) are not available.

And then there are some feature of Apache Pulsar that are no available yet:

  • no support for Schema yet (on the roadmap)
  • no support for Functions yet (on the roadmap)
  • no support for Transactions yet (on the roadmap)
  • no support for sources and sinks yet (on the roadmap for private clusters)

We also have plans for:

  • custom (JsonPath) filtering at the broker level (partly implemented)