Geo filtering


One of the most unique features of TurtleQueue is the ability to publish and subscribe based on geolocation.

This makes it easy to build real-time apps that need to rely on users or items locations.

        location: {       (1)
          radius: '50km', (2)
          lon: 2.3522,    (3)
          lat: 48.8566,   (4)
          annotation: 'Paris', (5)
1 The location filter can be applied along with other filters such as #channel, jsonPath
2 the radius accepts a natural way of expressing it. m, km, cm, mm, yard, foot, feet, inch, mile, furlong are all valid radiuses units. Without unit, meters are assumed.
3 longitude
4 latitude
5 annotation: we recommend either using variable names or annotating your data

Coordinate system

Coordinates of points on the sphere’s surface are addressed by a pair of floating point numbers that denote longitude and latitude. The range of longitude is −180 through 180, which wraps around the whole of the sphere: −180 and 180 denote the same line. The range of latitude is −90 (the south pole) through 90 (the north pole).

For a more detailed explanation of this, consult the Wikipedia article on the geographic coordinate system.

Projections used

TurtleQueue supports the WGS84 World Geodetic System’s reference ellipsoid and geographic coordinate system (GCS).

Planned features:

  • GeoJSON

If you would like this feature to be prioritized please Get in touch! Every vote counts!